How Getting Sober Prepared Me For Motherhood


By Jacqui Hathaway Levin

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Waking up to baby sounds at 6:30 a.m. hasn’t gotten old for me — yet. Even when I’m exhausted. My three-month-old slept 10 hours last night, a miracle to new parents everywhere. I pick him up from his crib and head to the comfort of my cushioned rocker to breastfeed. These early mornings with my son help me check further into life and into my day, much like early morning meditation — a practice I adapted in early sobriety — does.

I smell the top of his head and draw him in closer to my chest. I often wonder where I would be if I had chosen to keep drinking as a mom. I don’t think this life would be possible for me. There wouldn’t be space for my family if alcohol were still in the picture, or if I didn’t have a program of…click here to continue reading