How Alcohol Monitoring Changes Lives And Supports Recovery


By Soberlink

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Since 2011, Soberlink has helped thousands of people achieve accountability for sobriety and long-term alcohol recovery. From a newfound sense of independence to earning back the trust of friends and family members, Soberlink has contributed to several incredible milestones during the recovery journey. Here are just a few of the values that Soberlink has provided as told in real clients’ powerful success stories.

1. Constant Accountability

“Soberlink provides me that accountability that I just couldn’t seek out through recovery on my own.”

Sometimes, an extra layer of accountability can help achieve long-term sobriety. Treating Alcohol Use Disorder as a chronic illness, the New Paradigm for Recovery identifies long-term alcohol monitoring as an effective way to bring structure to an individual’s life. For one Soberlink client…click here to continue reading