How a Homeless Mom Of 2 Beat Addiction And Now Helps Thousands Going Through The Same Battles


By Michelle Tauber

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Stephanie Bowman was a desperate mother of two young girls, homeless and an addict when she did the unthinkable: She placed her 5-year-old daughter, Amber, into a dumpster to forage for food.

“There was a woman close by who saw me and started yelling at me: ‘Get her out of that dumpster!’ ” recalls Bowman. “I thought I was in trouble and she said, ‘You’ll never put your kid in a dumpster again. I’ll make sure we have something here every day.’ And she did. She had food for us behind her restaurant whenever we needed it. I knew that was the purest sign that somebody loved us. Someone who didn’t even know us.”

It was an act of kindness that Bowman, 53, would repay thousands of times over. Sober since 1999 — the same year she…click here to continue reading