Hochman: From Wentzville To NFL, Jail To Sobriety. How Montee Ball turned his life around.


By Benjamin Hochman

Original Source: stltoday.com

His story ends here. And begins here. It was Feb. 7, 2016. Super Bowl Sunday.

In training camp for that 2015 NFL season, Montee Ball arrived with hopes of becoming the Denver Broncos’ starting running back. It was his third season with Denver, the team he idolized as a boy, the team that drafted him in the second round. And on this day, Denver was in the Super Bowl, and Montee Ball was in jail.

Five other prisoners in that Wisconsin jail cell watched the Broncos play and defeat the Carolina Panthers. Ball sprawled on a metal bunk bed, staring at the wall, attempting to avoid what was on television. He was trying to hide…click here to continue reading