This High School Has One Main Entrance Requirement For Its Students: They Have to be Addicts


by Erin Brady and Dan Harris

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Walking the halls of the Massachusetts school she oversees, Principal Susan Strong felt something was off with one of her students and decided to confront her.

“You’re high,” Strong said to her student.

“I’m not high right now,” the student shot back. “I’m just pissed, I’m just so f—— pissed.”

“I’m good with pissed,” Strong responded, “I’m not good with high … I’m also good with me being wrong. I would love to be wrong.”

This is a typical interaction for Strong at Rockdale Recovery High School.

Another student named Nicole, 17, said she started doing drugs at age 13.

“I always felt lonely and depressed,” she said. “Like I was a waste of space.”

Matt, 18, used to be on the high school football team, but he says when…click here to continue reading