Hercules and Love Affair’s Andy Butler on Succumbing to—and Overcoming—Addiction


By Matthew Schnipper

Original Source: pitchfork.com

When Andy Butler’s debut album as Hercules and Love Affair was released nine years ago, it was a big deal, bringing disco and house music to an indie audience only beginning to explore new genres. Butler had been quietly writing songs for some years, never releasing them until his friend and collaborator Anohni pushed him to do so. He signed with James Murphy’s DFA Records and saw his music embraced critically. He hadn’t counted on this. After months of touring to promote the self-titled record, the pressures of a more public lifestyle became too much for Butler. After struggling with drugs and alcohol through his formative years, Butler had gotten clean at 21, but his newfound success led him back to substance abuse.

Now sober, after a harrowing period in his life, Butler has written about his experience as an addict on the new Hercules and Love Affair song…click here to continue reading