Heath Ledger’s Father On The Scourge Of Prescription Opioid Addiction


Original Source: abc.net.au

Almost 10 years ago, the young Australian film star died of a prescription drug overdose. His father Kim, a patron of the advocacy group Scriptwise, is now fighting to help other families. Kim Ledger has welcomed moves in Victoria to introduce real-time prescription monitoring to try and curb what is known as doctor shopping.

On the opioid epidemic

“We are losing millions of people across USA, we’ve lost thousands of people across Australia,” he said.

“In Victoria alone, they lose a planeload of people every year so something has to be done.”

On the circumstances of Heath’s death

“If there was something going around that would end up in a chest, it would end up in his,” he said.

“He was working night shoots for seven days in freezing cold conditions and he had pneumonia, but he was also traveling backwards and forwards from London to the US and seeing doctors on the set, or another doctor he was referred to in London to help him relieve the chest pain — the same in the US.”

“In Heath’s case, he mixed some of these drugs for a chest infection with sleeping tablets and that is literally…click here to continue reading