Health Damage From Addiction An Issue For Many In Sobriety


By Maggie Ethridge

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A recent study examined the medical burdens that people in recovery face from alcohol or drug abuse.

For many recovering from addiction, the damage done to their health remains an issue well into sobriety. Massachusetts General Hospital’s Recovery Research Institute in Boston carried out a study that examined the medical burden of people in recovery from alcohol or drug abuse.

Published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine, the paper included over 2,000 subjects in active recovery from the 2017 National Recovery Survey.

Around 37% of this sample had received a diagnosis of one or more of these medical issues: liver disease, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, tuberculosis, and diabetes, cancer and hepatitis C.

David Eddie, PhD, a research scientist and lead author of the published study, is quoted in Medical News Today: “The prodigious psychological, social, and interpersonal impact of excessive and chronic alcohol and other drug use is…click here to continue reading