HBO Documentary “Warning: This Drug May Kill You” Reminds Me How Lucky I Am


It’s a miracle I’m alive.

By Erin Khar

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As I settled in to watch HBO’s new documentary on the opioid crisisWarning: This Drug May Kill You, I prepared myself. It’s never easy to witness someone in the throes of active addiction. What I didn’t expect is how emotional and nauseated I would feel within even the first five minutes.

Warning: This Drug May Kill You opens with a series of clips that capture various individuals mid-overdose. In between these harrowing moments, the documentary intersperses facts about the skyrocketing opioid crisis. The numbers are startling: Overdose-related deaths have almost tripled between 1999 and 2014.

The clip that made my stomach drop, the one I wasn’t ready for, showed a despondent toddler, trying to get her overdosing mother off the floor of a store aisle.

As I fought the lump in my throat and the tears that followed, what kept running through my mind was: That could have been me.

The first time I tried heroin was a week after my 13th birthday.

I had already been stealing pills when…click here to continue reading