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In 2012, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had an onstage meltdown at the iHeartRadio Music Festival. Shortly after, he entered a monthlong rehab program for alcohol and prescription drug abuse. “I started combining them to a point where I didn’t know what I was taking during the day and what I was taking at night,” he told Rolling Stone a year later. “It was just this routine. My backpack sounded like a giant baby rattle.”

In 2014, Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley’s alcoholism led to a collapsed lung and kidney. He was in an induced coma for a week. Doctors said one more drink would have killed him. “Being at that low of a point, the only thing that could help me recover was just music,” he told Fuse earlier this year at Warped Tour.

On Friday, Oct. 7, both bands released their comeback albums. Green Day, who dropped Revolution Radio, had been missing on that front nearly four years; Sum 41, who put out 13 Voices, had been quiet for more than five years. These are the new records’ 20 lyrics (listed, not ranked) in which we can’t help but see Billie Joe Armstrong and Deryck Whibley’s healing journeys—and darker times—reflected.

1. From Green Day’s “Forever Now”:
My name is Billie and I’m freaking out

2. From Sum 41’s “War”:
Another day in the right direction
I’m OK but I’m left to question
How did I get so far behind the rest?
Why am I so inclined to forget?

3. From Green Day’s “Youngblood”:
I’m a rough boy around the edges
Gettin’ drunk and falling into hedges

4. From Sum 41’s “Breaking the Chain”:
I’m breaking the chain from the life I knew
Beat it black and blue each time
To be face to face with the lies I choose
Throw the truth into the light
Make no mistake, I’ve paid my price
I’ve done my time with the devil in disguise
‘Cause the life I knew has a different view
Tonight, I’m breaking the chain

5. From Green Day’s “Still Breathing”:
I’m like a junkie tying off for the last time
I’m like a loser that’s betting on his last dime
Oh, I’m still alive

6. From Sum 41’s “Goddamn I’m Dead Again”:
Take a look around, you really blew it all to hell
What’s the point of trying unless you’re going to do it well?
So get off my back if I’m a goddamn misery
And let it bleed

7. From Green Day’s “Bang Bang”:
I wanna be a celebrity martyr
The leading man in my own private drama

8. From Sum 41’s “Twisted by Design”:
I’ve got my scars to bear
Stitches just can’t repair
There’s no one to blame this time
Absolution’s waiting on a prayer

9. From Green Day’s “Still Breathing”:
As I walked out on the ledge
Are you scared to death to live?
I’ve been running all my life
Just to find a home that’s for the restless
And the truth that’s in the message
Making my way away, away

10. From Sum 41’s “Breaking the Chain”:
Here, as I stand, all the signs become so clear
To get back home again, sometimes I lose my way
Because I’ve got to fall and just lose it all
Am I running out of time?

11. From Green Day’s “Still Breathing”:
I’m like a soldier coming home for the first time
I dodged a bullet and I walked across a landmine
Oh, I’m still alive

12. From Sum 41’s “The Fall and the Rise”:
Hanging by a thread now, my head’s down
I’m feeling like myself now
The voices inside my head are getting too loud
(Louder than a thousand drones)
I keep counting the days and I can’t stop now
And I won’t break down, I’m too proud
Let’s give them shit to talk about
The pressure, the weight of the world won’t keep me out
(This time I’m taking back what’s mine)
It’s been a long time coming and I just won’t stop

13. From Sum 41’s “Twisted by Design”:
Is it a threat or the cure?
‘Cause it’s a brave new world I don’t know if I’m ready for

14. From Sum 41’s “War”:
There are days that I think I’m crazy
Other days nothing seems to faze me
There’s nothing more and nothing less
Just all the fears that I must confess
Well I’m afraid I believe in nothing
No hopes or dreams, you could’ve left me dead
Naive and not to mention
I’m losing count of all my blessings

15. From Green Day’s “Still Breathing”:
Am I bleeding? Am I bleeding from the storm?
Just shine a light into the wreckage
So far away, away

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