Grateful for Sobriety


I went through treatment twice, and still relapsed. I really needed something to hold me accountable and NOT allow me to somehow manipulate my way out it. I initially offered to use Soberlink on my own to help show I was sober to my children’s father and my friends/family. But it wasn’t until I handed my account control over to my counselor and a family member, that I truly started to get better. If I was to drink, I would get caught. For me, the manipulative side of me and my disease was too strong to be trusted to manage my own testing. It was frustrating at times, and I felt somewhat controlled at points. If I asked myself “Do you want to be sober or not? Either you do or you don’t. Do you want your kids back? If you drink, that’s all over with.” If I thought about it that way, I could just push (somedays slog) onward and make it another day sober! I just focused on being grateful for this tool, instead of controlled by it. I can honestly say that I would not be sober, surrounded by my beautiful kids, living an incredible life if it weren’t for my annoying little blue pal Soberlink. The next step is graduating from Soberlink – very scary but I have built a pretty solid daily practice and support system. I recommend Soberlink if you really want to be sober. It’s hard to give up control to someone else but for me it’s what I needed, and it was a lot easier than being in active addiction and trying to do it on my own.