Georgia New DUI Laws Forces Drivers To Take Extreme Precaution

Tucker, GA February 17, 2011 – When you think of a Georgia DUI school, you may think it is something that will never affect you. After all, you already know how to drive, and are familiar with the rules of the road. However, this is not necessarily the case. Driving under the influence of alcohol can make a radical difference in how you look at your driving abilities. While Georgia’s new DUI laws force drivers to take extreme precaution, Georgia DUI school is only one of the consequences for drivers who do not follow the law. 
In Georgia, even the first offense is very serious. The potential consequences are equally serious. If you insist on driving drunk in this state, you will lose money, time, and suffer embarrassment. Penalties for first-offense drunk driving can take between three hundred and a thousand dollars out of your pocket for a fine. It will also cost more than two hundred dollars to have your driver’s license reinstated. Attending a Georgia DUI school will cost even more money. When you are required to take classes at a Georgia DUI school, it means putting time into classes that you would have preferred using for something else.
Georgia DUI school is not the only way a first-time drunk driver will lose valuable time. Your first conviction can mean no less than forty hours of your time being spent on required community service. These two factors have something very important in common. Although community service and driving school can both be quite positive, being required to participate in service projects and Georgia DUI school classes due to a drunk driving conviction is anything but positive. In short, you will not have any choice in the matter.
If required Georgia DUI school classes is not incentive enough to not drive drunk, a first conviction also carries jail time. You can look forward to spending at least ten days, and up to a year, in jail. This can result in losing income from not being able to go to work, and being embarrassed in front of your friends and family. The time and expense of Georgia DUI school is bad enough, but not nearly as bad as spending time in jail. 
The new laws pertaining to Georgia DUI school and related consequences have everyone’s best interests in mind. While driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is always wrong and illegal, these laws and consequences are necessary to let potential drunk drivers know they do not have the right to endanger other people on the state’s roadways. If you are tempted to brush off driving with drugs or alcohol in your system as nothing but a foolish mistake, it is wise to keep in mind a mistake can cost someone his/her life. Whether you want to avoid ever having to deal with Georgia DUI school, or simply want to do the right thing, never get in the driver’s seat if you have any alcohol or drugs in your system. Being a responsible driver means abiding by the laws to make the roadways safe for everyone.