Gasolina “Party in a Pouch” Adds New Fuel to the Booze Fire Targeting Urban Kids


Following in the footsteps of brands like Four Loko and Blast who use colorful, youth-oriented packaging and pop-culture icons to market their products to an underage, urban demographic, newcomer Gasolina Urban Blends has upped the ante with its “Party in a Pouch” line: Brightly colored, 200-ml aluminum pouches complete with little straws inside to suck up the vodka, tequila, and rum, plus some fruit juice.Gasolina Urban Blends

These pouches look remarkably similar to Capri Sun. Yes, the same packaging you see at youth soccer games across the country has now been repurposed for easy-access, take-anywhere alcohol.

We can’t help but wonder how the manufacturer, Pan American Properties, can say their product is not intended for consumption by minors without bursting into fits of laughter. Who else drinks sweet, brightly colored liquid from small aluminum pouches? Maybe the giggle fits continue when imagining parents grabbing the wrong pouch from the fridge when packing their kids’ lunches. Not so funny when the kids actually drink the whole pouch of up to 11% alcohol by volume.

Gasolina is also directly targeting the urban Latino demographic with product names such as “Tu Madras” and “Mojito” along with its own brand name. The marketing on its Facebook and Twitter accounts is in both English and Spanish. And young people are already paying attention – the Gasolina Facebook page has 77,888 “likes” and features beach parties, bikini-clad young girls, and “belly button of the week” contests, along with events like last week’s “all-you-can-drink Gasolina pouches” event called “Frequency Thursdays” at Zen Exotic Lounge in Orlando, advertised on Gasolina’s Open Bar page on Facebook.

Just when we might think Blast had captured the lowest level of alcohol marketing, Gasolina takes dangerous and ill-advised to the very bottom.aljust_01