After Four Years, Kesha is Back. And She’s Strong.


By Staff Writer

Original Source: soberinfo

So far, 2018 has been a year of sweet redemption for Kesha. As a protracted legal battle against her former producer and alleged rapist Dr. Luke played out, the artist spent four years without releasing a single note of new music.

Those four songless years appear all the more remarkable against the backdrop of Kesha’s meteoric rise. In 2010, it was difficult to walk ten feet without hearing something from her debut album Animal. Two years later, her sophomore album Warrior wasn’t the same sort of runaway success, but it was solid enough second offering to keep her out of one-hit-wonder territory.

And then…nothing. It would be two years before fans would learn about the ten years of torment Kesha allegedly suffered at the hands of her former producer. The lawsuit, which claimed sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse, was a (seemingly reasonable) attempt for Kesha to escape her contract with Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records. After three years of legal wrangling, Kesha dropped the California charges in her case, saying the lawsuit had been “heavy on my once-free spirit.” However, the New York suit is still active.

The litigation took its toll on Kesha; in 2014, she entered rehab. Although anyone who’s heard “Tik Tok” might assume the rehab was for substance abuse, it wasn’t — Kesha was suffering from an eating disorder. The stress of the lawsuit, combined with the pressure of maintaining the perfect facade of a young star, led her to eat so little that her life was in danger.

Now that she’s back, Kesha has offered her thanks to MusiCares, an organization devoted to helping struggling artists navigate the financial, personal, or medical crises that often accompany their careers. In a tweet, she wrote “I care so much about music. Great to see that music cares back. Thank you for everything that you do @RecordingAcad and @MusiCares!”

By far, the most powerful moment of her comeback was her performance of “Praying” at this year’s Grammy Awards. Backed by an all-female chorus, and rewarded with a rousing ovation from her industry, Kesha sang the deeply personal lyrics that emerged from her battle with Dr. Luke:

“You brought the flames and you put me through hell. I had to learn how to fight for myself…Some things only God can forgive.”