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Los Angeles Angels outfielder and former Texas Rangers All-Star Josh Hamilton joined KTCK-AM 1310 for an interview this week to talk all things baseball. Here are some of the highlights:

On if his past struggles with substance abuse still ongoing, one day at a time.

“You talk about going one day at a time, and a lot of people do. I’ve said this before: Life itself is one day at a time because I can’t do anything else about tomorrow, and what happened yesterday has already happened. So what can I focus on? What can I control right now? And that’s what I’m doing today. And that’s a big thing in a lot of programs. It’s not just a problem-related saying. I think it’s a life saying. The struggles are — if I let my guard down or if I get out of God’s word, if I stop praying, if I stop fellowshipping with him, then actions start to change and the old habits start to creep in. Things like that. So ultimately I want to stay in his presence, his word and fellowship with him and he keeps me moving through that one day at a time.”

On if he can make a case for being lucky to be alive after what happened to him in the mid-2000s:

“For sure. For sure. I overdosed at least three times. Ended up in the hospital. Woken up walking down the middle of the highway before, cars passing me on each side. I definitely for sure can see where there – my wife told me, God had given here a vision of me getting back to baseball. But like I said it not being about baseball but how he got me through that tough time and sharing that with people. And I can definitely see what she was talking about and believe that and be fortunate and blessed to be alive indeed. In the situation I’m in, to be able to help people, be able to help people and be able to have foundation and give back to where I’ve been given so much.”

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