Former Hole Drummer Patty Schemel Details Addiction & Recovery In Memoir


By Paul Fuhr

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The drummer’s upcoming memoir explores her struggles with addiction, her departure from Hole, being homeless in LA, and her inspiring road to recovery.

Courtney Love’s grunge-rock act Hole was no stranger to controversy in the 1990s—routinely tackling everything from body image, exploitation, abuse, and female sexuality in their songs. That Hole became a mainstream act at all (both 1991’s Pretty on the Inside and 1994’s Live Through This were hits) is a minor miracle, given the cultural headwinds against female-centric bands at the time. (Lilith Fair was still a few years down the road.)

According to a recent New York Daily News feature, though, not everyone in Hole weathered those controversies well: drummer Patty Schemel, now 50, barely escaped her time as a member of the high-profile, trailblazing band.

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