How Five Chefs In Recovery Live One Day At A Time


The professional kitchen can pose challenges to those living in sobriety. Here’s how a few big-name chefs are finding the strength.

By Richard Martin

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The whole “chefs are the new rock stars” axiom falls apart when you consider that these guys need to shake off the late-night shots of whiskey to wake up in the morning and run a business. And the restaurant business is tough, with low margins, high turnover, and increasing real estate and labor costs. Which helps explain why now, despite the persistent glorification of bad-boy chef behavior, some of the top names in the industry declare themselves alcohol– and drug-free. The reward for the hard, daily work of recovery? Often, it’s massive success, as is the case for the five chefs that asked to describe their personal stories of recovery—and how it has affected their lives and work—in their own words…click here to continue reading