Enough Is Enough: Helping A Loved One With A Drinking Problem


By Courtney P

Original Source: optimisticmommy.com

Alcoholism is a major problem globally. If you have a friend, spouse, child, or parent struggling with alcoholism, you already know the pain that comes with it. You also know the pain that your loved ones go through when trying to quit alcohol. If you tell someone to stop drinking and abusing alcohol, he or she can only try. Why? It is a disease that affects everyone who is around the drunkard. Once you have noticed that someone has issues controlling his or her addiction, you need to intervene immediately…

Below is a guide on how to help a person who is struggling with alcoholism.

Accept that alcohol dependence is a problem

Please do not give it rosy names such as a functional alcoholic or other funny names. Call it as is–…Click here to continue reading