Engaging College Students in Treatment: Tips for Treatment Professionals


Original Source: soberlink.com

For many students, going off to college is a time to try new things. Students often begin their educational journey by embarking on unique class subjects, participating in sports, living independently – and for many, consuming alcohol. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 37 percent of students participated in at least one round of binge drinking, consuming 4-5 drinks or more on one occasion in the past month. Additionally, 10 percent of students reported that they engaged in binge drinking five or more days a month. In another NIH study, tracking the habits of college students determined that women were more likely than men to exceed weekly consumption guidelines. This data suggests that drinking in college has become a ritual that students often see as an integral part of their higher education experience.

This mindset can lead down a destructive path toward an Alcohol Use Disorder. Treatment professionals have the tools, however, to help students through assessment, treatment, and the recovery process.

The Dangers of Alcohol Use Disorder in College Students

The American Psychological Association describes Alcohol Use Disorder as a pattern of drinking that results in recurring adverse consequences. In college students, these…click here to continue reading