Elizabeth Vargas On Battle With Alcohol: ‘I Would Die For My Kids but I Couldn’t Stop Drinking’


By Ovin Balogun

Original Source: amomama.com

The “20/20” anchor suffered from anxiety, which drove her to dive deep into alcoholism. For a long time, she battled hard with alcohol addiction. It was so severe that even her love for her children couldn’t get her out of it.

As much as she loved her job and her life in general, behind the cameras, Elizabeth Vargas practically had a panic attack each time she had to appear on the little screens.

Elizabeth Vargas turned to alcohol as it made her feel better every time. Unfortunately, like every addict, she couldn’t help it anymore. It got to the point where not even her children or death could stop her.

It all started when she was a child with anxiety issues. Elizabeth Vargas was told it was a sign of weakness, and as she grew, rather than get over it, her anxiety grew with her.

The only thing that seemed to help her was alcohol. In an interview with Inside Edition, she opened up that when…click here to continue reading