Elizabeth Vargas and 20/20 Investigate Internet Addiction


By Dorri Olds

Original Source: thefix.com

They struggled with anxiety and used gaming or social media to “escape” or numb it. That is exactly how I used … alcohol.

ABC-TV’s 20/20 news anchor, Elizabeth Vargas, reports on a year-long investigation into obsessive compulsive behaviors with electronic devices. Technology addiction, internet addiction and digital addiction are all unofficial psychiatric terms, according to the May 19 episode, used to describe the overuse of smartphones, tablets, or computers to access social media, texting, gaming and apps.

It’s a controversial topic among experts because many say additional studies are needed before calling it an addiction. The 20/20 team spent a year embedded with families whose suffering was directly related to their loved one’s antisocial and self-destructive internet dependence.

Josh is a 14-year-old video gamer whose obsession was destroying his life…

Vargas and co-anchor David Muir take us through the personal lives of these families while also seeking answers…click here to continue reading