Eco-Friendly Recovery: Kicking Opioids & Other Drugs Naturally


By Sam Bowman

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The opioid crisis has swept across the nation leaving behind a trail of drug abuse, addiction, and over 218,000 deaths. The fortunate news is those who struggle with drug abuse are continuing to find their way into recovery programs, including programs that focus on naturally kicking opioids and getting patients outdoors. They are focused on eco-friendly recovery activities, placing patients in nature doing exercises such as gardening, hiking, and yoga.

Drug Abuse and Recovery

Abusing prescription and illicit drugs is a dangerous and high-risk lifestyle. It is painful for both addicts and the family of loved ones to witness and experience. However, even those who become addicted to most addictive substances, such as heroin, are capable of finding the road to recovery. There is hope for those who…click here to continue reading