Earning Prizes For Fighting An Addiction


Clinics in Canada and the United States are trying a new way to urge drug abusers to get clean: give them tangible gifts when they test negative.

By  Sahil Gupta

Original Source: nytimes.com

VANCOUVER, B.C. — David Oliver wins gift cards for staying away from drugs. At St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia — which treats more overdoses than any other hospital in Canada — a program rewards users of cocaine and other stimulants with prizes when they don’t use. It’s a new approach to help substance abusers, and it’s also being tried in Veterans Affairs hospitals across the United States.

“I was sober for 19 years from cocaine and 14 from alcohol,” said Mr. Oliver, who is 58. But then, he said, he started using cocaine again in 2013 after feeling overwhelmed by the…click here to continue reading