E-Cigarettes – A Nasty New Frontier Of Addiction In Adolescents


By Pia Wyer

Original Source: paysonroundup.com

Once heralded as a safe alternative to cigarettes and other tobacco products, e-cigarettes failed to deliver on the promise. Instead, they are a health threat.

“We may be entering a nasty new frontier of addiction in adolescents that have not yet had an issue with addictions,” said Dr. Judith Hunt. “Children can order e-juice online in various flavors (chocolate, cherry, Coca-Cola).”

With e-cigarettes, nicotine goes to the brain in a purer, stronger form than traditional cigarettes, she said.

 According to the Center on Addiction, the newest and most popular vaping product, the JUUL, accounts for about 72 percent of the market share of vaping products in the U.S. Produced in multiple flavors, one flavor cartridge contains…click here to continue reading