Dry July: What you Might Learn From A Month Without Booze Share


By Olivia Willis

Original Source: abc.net.au

It’s July 1, which means we’re a third of the way through winter, halfway through the year and one day into Dry July.

Only 30 days to go, but who’s counting?

If you’re anything like me, the prospect of giving up booze for a month is a little daunting.

“But there’s so much happening in July!” I tell myself. (I tell myself this every month.)

Quitting alcohol, even for a month, can be hard and yet thousands of Australians sign up each year to ditch the drink and raise money for a good cause, whether it be through Dry July or similar campaigns like FebFast and Ocsober.

Putting charitable intentions aside (which are a great reason for getting on board), many people sign up to give their body a break from alcohol.

But can a month of sobriety really lead to any…click here to continue reading