Dry January Is Not The Same As Sobriety


By Amber Leventry

Original Source: scarymommy.com

For those of you who started, tried, or completed some version of Dry January, well done. Opting out of alcohol is never a bad idea. Examining your relationship with alcohol is never a bad idea either.

Dry January started in the United Kingdom in 2013 as a way to do both and has spread to the United States. Saying no to booze for a month has a sliding scale of difficulty. Some people have no problem giving it up. Others feel tested and struggle with willpower; they miss drinking. Others just can’t do it.

I am not judging anyone’s ability to give up alcohol for a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime. I have no room to judge–I am an alcoholic. I’m 18 months sober and hope to string sobriety together one day at a time for the rest of my life. But here’s a friendly reminder about Dry January: choosing to give up alcohol is not…click here to continue reading