837736_712133.jpgBy: Vuyi Jabavu

There are many more reports about drunk driving statistics and drunk drivers than there are about the people and families who are victims of these heinous crimes.

When a complete stranger rudely forces his or her way into your life by turning you into a drunk driving accident statistic; the pain is almost unbearable.

Last week I interviewed Rowena*, a self confessed and regular drunk driver.

This week, I had an opportunity to chat with Mandla*, a young man whose life was forever changed by the actions of a stupid drunk driver.

Here is an account of his ordeal, in his own words.

It was the beginning of the New Year and I had just started a new job, bought myself a brand new car and was eagerly awaiting the birth of our second child.

My future was bright, that is, until someone changed that for my family and I eternally.

It was a Friday night at about 11.30pm and I had just finished my shift at the radio studio.

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