Drunk and Vomiting? Don’t Try a Backpack


By Jeremy Bauer-Wolf

Original Source: insidehighered.com

College students’ drinking habits — taking a shot through the eyeball or an alcohol enema, the crudely named “butt-chugging” — have generally inspired incredulity and some head shaking among their elders.

After a fraternity pledge at Pennsylvania State University, Timothy Piazza, died in February, however, one detail that emerged was Piazza’s fellow fraternity members’ decision not to call an ambulance after he tumbled 15 feet down a fight of steps — instead they strapped a backpack to him to (theoretically) ensure he wouldn’t recline and choke on his own vomit.

It’s a fad that has taken on many names — “turtling,” “backpacking” or “Jansporting,” after the popular backpack brand. Students fill the bag with heavy objects and place it on the back of the intoxicated person, which supposedly will…click here to continue reading