Dr. Drew Pinsky on Harvey Weinstein’s Rehab


‘The More He Fights It, the Less Well It’s Going to Go’

By Debra Birnbaum

Original Source: variety.com

As the host of “Celebrity Rehab” — and its short-lived offshoot “Sex Rehab” — Dr. Drew Pinsky has seen more than his fair share of celebrities struggling with addiction.

With the news that the embattled Harvey Weinstein is heading to a rehab facility in Arizona to treat his sex addiction, Dr. Pinsky questions Weinstein’s commitment to the rehab process.

He points to Anthony Weiner as an example — “I never thought I’d say these words,” he says with a laugh, “but if you look at what Anthony Weiner is doing, that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

Weiner pled guilty to his sexting crimes and has been sentenced to 21 months in prison. “You’re supposed to commit your life and your time and the current focus to the treatment process,” he says. “Just like any other addict.”

Pinsky says Weinstein’s apologies at this point are hollow. “[Addicts] are not really capable of apologizing, until they’ve been in treatment quite a while,” he says. “Even then apologies are really empty. They have to make amends. That means cleaning up their side of the street, which means taking the…click here to continue reading