Don’t Say Junkies…They Have A ‘Heroin Use Disorder’


Campaigners Call For End Of Certain Terms To Describe People Who Use Drugs

By Steve Doughty

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Users of cannabis, cocaine and heroin are victims of discrimination and should no longer be called druggies or junkies, an international drug legalisation pressure group declared yesterday.

It called for an end to negative language for drug users and their habits in order to ensure their human rights are respected.

As part of the drive to persuade people to think differently about drugs, the words addict and even drug user must be thrown out, a report from the Global Commission on Drug Policy said.

It urged newspapers and broadcasters to encourage more positive attitudes by calling a drug user a ‘person who uses drugs’.

Instead of calling someone addicted to heroin a junkie, they should be said to be someone who ‘has a heroin use disorder.’

A recreational drug user should be referred to as a ‘person with non-problematic drug use’ and a former addict should not be described as…click here to continue reading