Dick Van Dyke Reveals Alcohol That Helped Him Be Social Became His Greatest Enemy | “It Took Me A Long Time To Get Over It”


His alcoholism reached a point where he’d go to work hungover. He also started getting self-harming thoughts.

By Sameeksha Thomas

Original Source: her.womenworking.com

It’s not easy for everyone to be a social butterfly. Some people like to stay in their bubble as it makes them feel protected from the world. When it comes to celebrities, it’s hard to imagine them being reserved or being afraid to interact with people. After all, their jobs require them to be fearless in front of the camera and audience.

But, there are exceptions in the industry like T.V icon Dick Van Dyke who is known for the comedy sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show. He also starred in many movies like…click here to continue reading