Despite Fame And Fortune, ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Has Had A Tough Life


By Mischa Pearlman

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Although we already knew that was the case, it was just confirmed again by Ranker that everybody loves Friends. It’s true.

 And everybody who loves Friends also loves Chandler. He might not be as cool as Joey or as smart as Ross, but he might just be the nicest of the three of them – plus he’s ‘the funny one’.

And his romance with Monica – the love of his life – wasn’t anywhere near as convoluted, difficult or dramatic as the whole Ross and Rachel saga. You just believed in their love because it was well portrayed.

But in the real world, Matthew Perry – the actor who played Chandler – had anything but a perfect life. Yes, he was rich thanks to the show’s runaway success and the astronomical fees the six actors ended up earning for each episode, but…click here to continue reading