Demo Lovato Receive Spirit of Sobriety Award


From Hero to Zero — and Back to Hero

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In 2010, nobody would have predicted that Demi Lovato would be winning an award in 2017. Although her star had risen quickly, it was plummeting at near-fatal velocity as her battles with substance abuse and eating disorders began to have adverse affects on her career. At the time, it seemed Demi Lovato would be just another failed child star—a Trivial Pursuit answer we would one day have to explain to our children.

That sordid year culminated in Demi’s ignominious exit from a Jonas Brothers world tour after a confrontation with a female dancer turned violent. By Lovato’s own admission, at that point she was a “nightmare to work with.”

However, after her family and friends essentially forced her into rehab, Demi attacked her sobriety with the same fervor she’d used to create her career. It wasn’t an instant switch, but in a fairly short time, she’d gone from smuggling cocaine onto airplanes to willingly residing in a sober-living facility in Los Angeles. From there, she cleaned her life up and became an outspoken advocate for sobriety, helping others escape the trap that almost derailed her promising career.

And last Saturday, the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Prevention honored Lovato with the Spirit of Sobriety Award for her work promoting sobriety and her five years of sober living. It’s not easy; to stay on the right side of addiction, Lovato maintains a rigorous schedule of working out and going to therapy, as well as keeping touch with a number of accountability partners.

“Every day is a battle,” she recently told US Magazine; “I work on it every single day.” So why does she keep doing it? Because she cares for others; Lovato also said “it’s more important for people to learn from my struggles than keep it to myself.” She bought in to her rehab experience so strongly that she literally bought in — Lovato is now a co-owner of the CAST Center, the rehab facility that helped her turn her life around.

Now, she’s voicing animated characters, recording albums, touring, and continuing to manage her sobriety and teaching others to do the same. Demi Lovato truly is an inspiration to those battling addiction, and she’s dedicated to keeping people “from going down the same path I went.

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