Daystar launches recovery program


GOOD HOPE — In early March Daystar Church will initiate a drug recovery program that organizers say will give individuals battling controlled substance addictions a new environment to remedy their problems.??The program, called Real Recovery, is a faith-based program that organizers say is open to any individual who is in need of help recovering from addictions, but may not want to do so through a traditional program.??”Right now we’re going to be focusing primarily on drug addiction  and hopefully as the program grows we’ll be able to offer help in any area of addiction,” said the ministry leader Lois Gatlin. “We have people who have been through and who have overcome problems with addiction here to help those who are going through it right now.”??The program utilizes a 12-step program similar to Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, but also includes biblical teachings to aide in the recovery process.??The program also considers the family of the addicted by providing counseling options for the children, siblings, and spouses to coincide with the recovery process.??”Everyone in a family is touched when a person is overcome by a drug addiction,” said Julie Hall, a counselor in the program. “We are going to offer classes that can help everyone affected by every aspect of the addiction to recover.”??The program organizers believe that drug addiction is a problem that spans generations rather than just having an impact on a single individual.??”A lot of times what you see is a young person get involved with drugs because they saw their parents doing the same things,” said Gatlin. “If we can stop the parents from ever picking up a drug and we can educate children so that they know that the decision to do a drug is a conscious one and show them the negative effects that it will have on their lives, we may be able to stop the problem before it starts.”??The first of the Real Recovery meetings will take place at Daystar Church on March 1 at 6 p.m.– attendees will receive refreshments prior to the beginning of the counseling session.