Dax Shepard Is Living The Dream These Days


By Staff Writer

Original Source: soberinfo.com

Dax Shepard couldn’t have guessed he’d end up here, as the widely-recognized star of Parenthood. Who would have? In 1993, he was an 18-year-old high school student embarking on a couple of decades of addiction; he wouldn’t get off that ride until 2004, when he finally got sober.

Given that past, how could Shepard—or anyone else, for that matter—have possibly predicted he’d wind up writing, directing, and starring in his own feature film? CHIPS, Shepard’s reboot of the classic 70s TV series, saw an admittedly modest $7.6 million opening weekend. It would be tempting to criticize the effort—and indeed, many critics and fans availed themselves of that op-portunity.

Shepard might pay attention to such criticism, if he weren’t so busy being Dax Shepard. No matter about his checkered past; his current incarnation is not a difficult gig. For starters, he’s married to Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars, Frozen, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and the couple is hopelessly romantic. Fans on social media regularly lose their minds over Shepard and Bell’s zany antics: filming a parody of Toto’s “Africa,” posting mock-crying selfies after losing at award shows, buying each other pet sloths on birthdays—you know, normal couple stuff. They like hanging out together so much that Shepard actually cast Bell in CHIPS.

It’s easy to see, with a marriage that strong, why Shepard lets the criticism roll off his back. In fact, according to him, Bell played an instrumental role in his journey to sobriety. In 2012, Shepard discussed his addictive past with Playboy, telling them “Mostly my love was Jack Daniel’s and cocaine,” he added. “I lived for going down the rabbit hole of meeting weird people. Of course, come Monday I would be tallying up all the different situations, and each one was progressively more dangerous. I got lucky in that I didn’t go to jail.”

Shepard says that early in their marriage they battled “almost weekly” over his lifestyle; Bell her-self admits that, at times, he came “close to losing everything.” But the couple makes no secret of their commitment to couples counseling, and Bell insists that overcoming his addictions have made Shepard a “wonderful father” who “knows the value of things.”

All his work is paying off, and has hopes that he’ll prove bankable enough for studios to turn him loose on his pet project: an autobiographical project called Send Lawyers, Drugs, and Money. The script is based on his last giant 2 week binge before sobriety. “It’s a hard topic for studios to wrap their heads around.” he says. “But it’s a cute story, because I’m married to Kristen Bell now.”

Whether CHIPS proves successful enough to launch Shepard to the next big thing remains to be seen; for now, fans will have to wait and see. Either way, he and Bell are sure to continue their relentless onslaught of social media cuteness, so check them out on Twitter.