This Dad Overcame A Heroin Addiction. Then His Son Started Taking Painkillers.


By  Jordyn Taylor

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“It wasn’t something I could have ever imagined happening.”

Decades ago, Rick Dyer, 66, was using 48 to 50 bags of heroin a day. When he finally got sober, it was after experiencing the agonies of withdrawal in a Massachusetts jail cell.

Rick, who’s been sober for 42 years now, went on to start a family. As his son, Eric, grew up, he was open with him about his past struggles with addiction, believing that if Eric knew his story, he wouldn’t fall into the same trap he did.

“He had never seen me drink or do drugs,” Rick, who now works as a criminal lawyer, told by phone. “He had seen nothing but the promises, benefits, hopes, and aspirations of recovery.”…click here to continue reading