CrossFit Champion Mat Fraser Reveals He Has Been Sober Since He Was 17


“Your addiction’s out in the parking lot doing pushups, it’s getting stronger.”

By Phillip Ellis

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Mat Fraser earned the title of Fittest Man on Earth back in August at the CrossFit Games, dominating the competition for the fourth year in a row. In a documentary filmed during the days leading up to the third week of the 2020 CrossFit Open, Fraser spoke about how he is constantly striving to be better.

He also revealed that he has been sober since he was a teenager, and claimed his sobriety is part of his on-going mission to keep improving. “That’s why I got sober,” he said. “To be better.”

Fraser recalled how, at the age of 17, he was offered a full ride scholarship to the Olympic Training Center. “I had some great here to continue reading