COVID-19 Has Led to Surge in Opioid Overdoses. Here’s How We Can Confront the Stigma.


Addiction is treatable, and change lies in eliminating the stigma that causes so much shame, loneliness and tragedy.

By Gary Mendell

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America’s pervasive addiction crisis is intensifying because of COVID-19. To cite one horrific example, suspected overdoses increased 42 percent in May.

Social distancing, which has led to the loss of support from family and friends, has made worse the sense of isolation those who are addicted already feel because of the unjust stigma associated with this illness.

Treatment and recovery support also have become more difficult to access because of the pandemic.

Worse, COVID-related unemployment is expected to lead to millions more people becoming uninsured, which will make it more difficult for people with substance use disorders to receive treatment.

With an opioid-related death occurring every 11 minutes, the already devastating opioid epidemic is getting…click here to continue reading