Country Star Jason Isbell: Life Is Better Sober


By Kelly Burch

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With the support of his wife, the country artist has been able to maintain his sobriety and create some of his best work to date.

Singer Jason Isbell used to perform with a bottle of Jack Daniels on stage with him. Now the artist who was recently nominated for Album of the Year at the Country Music Awards for The Nashville Sound says his life—and his performances—are better because of his sobriety.

“It’s made a huge difference,” Isbell told Inforum. “I have more time and more focus, and I have better relationships with people. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself, that’s for sure. It made me a much happier person. It made me feel better. I enjoy my life a lot more. It gave me so many more hours in the day to edit and revise and try to get every song on an album to be as solid as the best one or two I used to have on records. It’s just…click here to continue reading