Coping Skills For Recovery From Alcohol Use Disorder


By Jason Simpkins

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Sobriety can be a difficult thing to manage for people with a diagnosable alcohol use disorder. It is like having to re-learn how to live from basic self-care to holding down a job and being a member of a family. It gets even more complicated when the cravings and relapse triggers begin to hit.

Cravings are a normal part of sobriety and when you have an alcohol use disorder, you can almost plan for them. They are just the body’s reaction to not having alcohol in it any longer, after having had it for so long. They most likely will come, but since you can expect it, you can plan for what to do about them. Here are some ideas for what to do if or when they come so you can prevent a relapse.

Know Your Relapse Triggers

A little knowledge can go a long way, and in this instance, knowing what can trigger a craving and a relapse in someone with an alcohol use disorder is necessary. Relapse triggers and warning signs are things that bring up memories of using and likely to cause cravings. Spend some time…click here to continue reading