Commentary | How Opioid Addiction Came Quickly For Poway Teen


By Mark Gagarin

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Life as a child seemed so easy. Mom and Dad looked after us growing up. Not too much to worry about. I️ grew up in Poway — “The City in the Country.” Adventure was always on my mind. My little brother and I️ loved playing baseball and really got into it as we grew older. Drugs weren’t something I️ saw much of when I was growing up.

I️ vaguely remember seeing grandpa sick on the couch when I️ was little. I️ didn’t know then, but he was dying of cirrhosis of the liver. Alcoholism ran in my family — a warning sign that I️ failed to heed as I️ got older.

As a shy, quiet kid, I️ got bullied in middle school. When high school began I️ had dreams of playing professional baseball. I️ broke my ankle skateboarding freshmen year and was prescribed Vicodin. It made all the pain stop. Not only…click here to continue reading