Comedian Rob Delaney Marks 19 Years Of Sobriety In Honest Post


By Cassandra Stone

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Rob Delaney acknowledges how difficult staying sober during the pandemic can be

Comedian and Catastrophe star Rob Delaney shared that he’s officially 19 years sober today in a post to his Instagram account. He also acknowledged the unique struggle of remaining sober during a global pandemic, a struggle that many people can likely relate to through the last 11 months.

“Today marks 19 years that I’ve been sober,” the post reads, in Notepad format. “This last year was one of the wildest so far, for me and you, whoever you are. I was often grateful this year that I had a big cushion (yeah baby) of sobriety behind me because I imagine getting sober during the pandemic/lockdown would be very hard. Why not drink a bit extra or smoke the odd doob to dull the drudgery? Not to mention the grief and confusion.”

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