Columbine Shooting Survivor Visits East Naples, Tells Of Trauma, Grief, Addiction To Opiate Pills


By Rachel Fradette

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Austin Eubanks can still remember his teacher yelling at him to hide under a table, where he would remain while pretending to be dead in a pool of blood.

He vividly pictures his dad jumping over a fence to reach him after he finally escaped from his high school’s library. He called his family from a police car.

Almost 20 years ago, Eubanks survived a mass shooting when two students open fired in Columbine High School at Columbine, Colorado. Twelve students and one teacher were killed, including Eubanks’ best friend, Corey DePooter.

The day would forever remain with Eubanks, but he said it took a while before he began to heal.

Shortly after reuniting with his family, Eubanks was taken to a hospital and treated for gunshot wounds in his knee and hand. He was given a 30-day supply of opiates and then another 30-day supply just a few days later.

At 17 years old, he didn’t know his prescriptions would launch him into a battle with addiction. He didn’t realize…click here to continue reading