Colin Farrell Opens Up About The Fears He Faced During Addiction Battle


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Colin Farrell has warned of the “violence” and “madness” that could stem from men who are unable to cope with their fears.

The Irish actor has tackled his own demons in the past, checking into rehab at the end of 2005 to be treated for addiction to painkillers and recreational drugs.

He’s since recovered and cleaned himself up, but The Lobster star acknowledges that what he experienced isn’t uncommon for men in the spotlight.

“It is pretty much a garden variety tale of an addict, I suppose. And having an addiction and not knowing as a man what to do in a male-dominated society that puts worth and high value on emotions of alpha behaviour and pack mentalities and such,” he explained to newspaper the Irish Independent. “And it becomes carcinogenic. You know, if we as men don’t…click here to continue reading