Screen Shot 2011-12-28 at 9.21.09 AM.pngReported by: Mollie Lair

Sometimes the meaning of Christmas can get lost in the mad rush for gifts and the push from retailers to squeeze consumers for every last penny. But a lesson can be learned from one community who joined together to save a program that gives back much more than they receive.

“We just give until we can’t.”

And they did just that.

The Nelsonville Community Center gave until they literally had nothing left to offer. They were set to close December 31st due to a lack of funds.

“This is sad, but actually when I went to put up the sign to say we’re closing I didn’t have any tape. I had not even money to buy the tape,” says Nelsonville Community Center Director Rhonda Bentley. “So we were pretty desperate.”

In an economy where people are struggling to get by this private non-profit saw a rise in need and a decline in donations. It serves around 400 people each week and has a free lunch every Friday.

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