Chrissy Teigen Admits She Used To Be A Functioning Alcoholic, Experts Outline 10 Warning Signs


By Lisa Salmon,PA

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It’s all too easy to grab a couple of glasses of wine when you get home after a stressful day, or regularly enjoy a few beers in the pub with your mates. But at what point does enjoying a frequent tipple become functioning alcoholism?

It’s a slippery slope, and one that former model Chrissy Teigen has admitted she was once on. In an Instagram post reminiscing about living in New York years ago, she recalls : “I’d sit there with my multiple double vodka sodas and get day drunk by myself (this is not a brag lol I was basically a functioning alcoholic) then buy hats I didn’t like or need.”

At the end of last year Teigen (35), who has two young children with her husband John Legend, gave up…click here to continue reading