Celebrating 20 years of Sobriety, Lynda Carter Passes the Wonder Woman Torch to Newcomer Gal Gadot


Original Source: soberinfo.com

Children fantasize about being superheroes. Adults fantasize about being celebrities. But even superheroes and celebrities live in the complications of the real world; despite their power and fame, they fight many of the same battles faced by their audience.

That’s certainly true for Lynda Carter. After successfully inhabiting the Wonder Woman character, translating her from fringe comic book icon to cult-hero TV star, Carter was primed for a life of ease. She had success, security, a Hollywood marriage, and the status that comes with being TV’s highest-paid actress.

But real life can be difficult; sometimes, success makes it even more so. Carter’s first marriage collapsed, and her second marriage (to director Robert Altman) only saw her drinking problem become more pronounced. Carter believes that her addictions had a genetic predisposition: “There’s a lot of it on my mother’s side of the family.”

Still, she managed to raise two successful children. Carter says they “never saw me out of control,” even if she “wasn’t really present” for them. For a time, she was able to stop drinking at will; however, her cravings increased, leading her to alienate her family in a way she described as “devastating” to British magazine Express.

At her husband’s urging, Carter finally entered rehab in 1997; this year will mark the 20th anniversary of her sobriety. These days, she’s still working; she’s performed in the musical, Chicago, put together a string of TV appearances and cameos, recorded three albums, and continues to tour in her own cabaret-style show.

Oh—and Wonder Woman is back, if you haven’t been paying attention. Carter passed the torch to Gal Gadot this year, as the 32-year old former Miss Israel brought Wonder Woman back to the big screen. And quite a comeback it was—the film broke $103 million in its opening weekend, making it the biggest opening ever for a female director. To date, the film is closing in on $600 million for the year, passing established franchises like Logan, Pirates, and The Fast and The Furious.

There’s no jealousy from Carter, who seems quite content to serve as the film’s proud godmother. “I think it’s time,” she told Fox News; “It’s now going on to a new generation of people and I’m thrilled.” Carter offered offer the film her blessing in person, appearing alongside Gadot at the film’s premiere and saying the new iteration of the heroine was “a great girl” who was “going to do amazing.”

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