Brian Cuban: The Recovering Lawyer


By Seth Ferranti

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I don’t wallow in the past with regret or engage in revisionist recovery wondering how things might have been different, but my past is an integral part of my present and future.

Even though Brian Cuban uses the term “rock bottom,” he’s not a fan. He thinks it’s a phrase that’s been stereotyped into a public belief that people with alcohol or drug issues must experience the absolute worst in their lives before recovery begins. He believes it becomes an excuse for those dealing with addiction to not seek help–they haven’t experienced consequences or hit “rock bottom” so they think there’s no need to get treatment. This was something Brian saw frequently in dealing with lawyers, who may be very high functioning but who struggle with drug and alcohol problems just the same. As long as they see no consequences from their problematic behavior in the present, they see no reason to change anything to save their future.

Brian’s recovery tipping point was in April 2007 after a two-day cocaine, Jack Daniels and Xanax-fueled black out. His girlfriend at the time (now wife) came home from a weekend trip to find him passed out in bed with drugs and alcohol all around him. That resulted in…click here to continue reading