Brantley Gilbert on His Sobriety: ‘I’m Proud of My Story’


By Gayle Thompson

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Brantley Gilbert isn’t ashamed of his past struggles, because he knows that it’s the good and the bad that led him to where he is today. The married father of one, who got sober in 2011, says he is happy to talk about his addiction, if only to help others.

“I think you meet people in life who are maybe aren’t ashamed, but just uncomfortable sharing their story,” says Gilbert. “I’m not that guy. I’m the kind of guy that says, ‘What you see is what you get.’ But also I feel like my story is interesting but it’s an important story for me to share.

“My past is something that made me who I am and I know that’s an old worn out cliché but it’s so true,” he continues. “And I’m proud of my story…click here to continue reading