How Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born’ Handled Substance Abuse And Addiction With Care


It’s an authentic portrayal and observation of what some people call a disease and others simply label as a deadly addiction.

By Dan Buffa

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There are many reasons to fall in love with Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star Is Born.

Namely, the fact that it doesn’t feel like a remake at all, instead coming off an authentic piece of filmmaking that grew organically over the past four years in the actor’s head. You forget the fact it was brought to the screens over 90 years ago.

The lavish production value is a thing of beauty, from the concert sequences all the way down to the intimate setup of dialogue-driven scenes. The performances are exemplary, not only from Cooper and Lady Gaga, but also from supporting players such as Sam Elliott, Andrew Dice Clay, and Dave Chappelle. The soundtrack kicks the tires during every scene, whether it’s overlaying the headlining couple on the road or singing together on stage. There’s something unique about a pair of actors working with a camera on a stage and giving an audience member watching months after the fact the feeling that it’s a live show. Cooper and Gaga singing the songs live made it special…

…there’s something else that I loved about this movie: the relentlessly accurate portrayal of addiction, substance abuse, and depression. How those three things…click here to continue reading